The design house, the Benetton Group S.p.A., was founded in 1965 by four members, three brothers and one sister, of the Benetton family from Treviso, Veneto, Italy. The company’s founders include Luciano Benetton, Giuliana Benetton, Gilberto Benetton and Carlo Benetton.
The Benetton Group got its start in the fashion industry when Luciano sold his younger brother’s bicycle so he could purchase a sewing machine. His initial creations were sweaters which ultimately sold well in local stores in the Veneto region. With his business starting to grow, Luciano enlisted the help of his younger sister and their two younger brothers. The Benetton Group currently oversees 6,000 stores with 9,000 employees in 120 countries with each store managed by independent partners.
Since its inception, the Benetton Group has held an interest in sports and after using the term "United Colors" in one their sports sponsorship publicity campaigns, the term has since became part of their brand, "United Colors of Benetton."

Benetton Fragrances – Perfumes

The Benetton perfume line is quite extensive as the design house has been prolific in its development of exceptionally well-received fragrances. The Benetton perfume line includes B United for Women, B United Jeans for Women, Be Clean Energy, Be Clean Fresh, Be Clean Relax, Be Clean Soft, Benetton Energy for Women, Benetton Essence for Women, Benetton Pure Sport for Women, Benetton Sport for Women, Benetton White Night for Women, Colors for Women, Cumbia Colors for Women, Funtastic Girl, Hot, Inferno Paradiso Pink, Playlife for Women, Tribu, united Colors of Benetton Gold and United Colors of Benetton for Women.

Benetton Fragrances – Colognes

The Benetton fragrance line is one that typically develops a men’s cologne to partner with a woman’s perfume release so many of their colognes feature identical names. Benetton colognes include B United for Men, B United Jeans for Men, Benetton Energy for Men, Benetton Essence for Men, Benetton Sport for Men, Benetton Pure Sport for Men, Benetton White Night for Men, Cold, Colors for Men, Cumbria Colors for Men, Funtastic Boy, Inferno Paradiso Blue, Playlife for Men, United Colors of Benetton for Men and United Colors of Benetton Silver.

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Benetton fragrances include:

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