Louis Azzaro Designer History

Louis Azzaro, a French fashion designer born in 1933, started his career creating glamorous party dresses for upper class women. Opening his first clothing store by 1962, Azzaro found success in the fashion world rather quickly and became an icon for women of high society. By 1968, his business was well established, and eventually led to a passionate career dressing many A-list celebrities such as Raquel Welch, Sophia Lauren and most recently, Nicole Kidman. Despite the success of its men’s and women’s clothing line and fashion accessories, the Louis Azzaro brand is most famous for its designer fragrances.

History of the Louis Azzaro Designer Fragrance

In 1975, Azzaro launched his first fragrance and eventual signature scent of the company, Couture for women. Following the staggering success of Couture, the Azzaro line released Visit For Women, a popular women’s fragrance, along with its male counterpart, Visit For Men. In 1996, Louis Azzaroreleased Chrome, a men’s fragrance that is currently one of the best-selling colognes in the industry. Silver Black, another popular scent from the Azzaro collection, is the latest cologne developed by the company. The Louis Azzaro line has also released a series of seasonal scents for women, including the Pink and Orange Tonics perfumes.

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Perfume and Cologne from Azzaro Include:

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Beauty Tips

Use a Q-tip and put some of your favorite fragrance on lightbulbs, when they are on the heat releases the fragrance and it makes your house smell wonderful. Then I put that Q-tip in a drawer and the fragrance just goes on and on.