As a design house the Antonio Puig name has always been dedicated to the creation of innovative perfumes, colognes and lipsticks. In 1914 the Antonio Puig Company was created bearing the name of its creator, Antonio Puig Castello. From its inception, the company began importing a number of French fragrances. In 1922 he created his own line of cosmetics under the Milday lipstick brand name. 1942 the Antonio Puig Company moved its headquarters to Barcelona where it remains today, now run and managed by his heirs. 

Antonio Puig Perfume and Cologne History

The first Antonio Puig cologne was introduced in 1939. Although this initial offering was designed for the domestic market, it soon gained popularity outside of Spain. Success continued and later led to Antonio Puig perfumes as well as a unisex fragrance. Antonio Puig now has a number of designer names within its impressive portfolio including Paco Rabanne, Nina Ricci, Carolina Herrera, Gal and Payot and Antonio Banderas.
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