Angel Schlesser is a well-known Spanish designer. He presented his first menswear collection in 1984, followed by a small sample collection for women. His designs quickly gained favor and he became a much loved designer of extremely feminine clothing for urban women looking for stylish functionality. Angel Schlesser's designs are sophisticated, yet easy to wear. His unique ability to combine traditional texture with new material enables him to create trendy styles with new shapes and volumes each season. Angel Schlesser franchises are now in ten Spanish cities with his flagship in Madrid. 

Angel Schlesser Perfume and Cologne History

In the late 1990's Angel Schlesser perfume was launched to the international market with instant approval. Angel Schlesser Femme perfume defined his initial fragrances with Angel Schlesser Homme cologne becoming his first fragrance for men. Angel Schlesser Essential perfume and Angel Schlesser Essential cologne were introduced in 2004 and 2006 respectively.
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Beauty Tips

Spray perfume all over damp hair. For scent-sational lasting (of the smell), spray perfume again on air-dryed hair.