Alyssa Ashley was created in the 1960's, the brain child of a talented painter and fragrance lover. The packaging of all Alyssa Ashley perfumes is actually an expression of the modern art the creator is passionate about. Alyssa Ashley is named for the designer's youngest daughter Alyssa and her nickname Ashley. Alyssa Ashley perfumes are both innovative and inviting with a nose that was very different that the fragrances of the time. 

Alyssa Ashley Perfume History

The 1960's were a time to rise against the rules of previous generations. Along with the changes in music, habits and fashion, perfumes began to emerge that were different from those of the past. Among the most noticeable were those of Alyssa Ashley. This designer created scents that were much simpler, with roots in oriental culture. Alyssa Ashley perfumes moved away from stuffy, sophisticated fragrances to more ethereal blends, including musk that expressed the free spirit of the hippie generation.
Alyssa Ashley Musk was the first perfume in an array of scents, with her first Musk Oil perfume arriving on the scene in 1968. To date, Musk by Alyssa Ashley is considered a fragrance classic. Always aware of the trends, Alyssa Ashley perfume welcomed the addition of vanilla as a trendy top note in fragrances and introduced three vanilla fragrances. Alyssa Ashley has also created an entire line of men's musk products including cologne, after shave, deodorant and hair and body shampoo.
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