Alessandro Dell'Acqua Design History

Born in Naples in 1962, Alessandro Dell'Acqua gained international favor for his women's clothing designs due in large part to their unique, feminine flare. From Alessandro Dell' Acqua's use of lovely materials like chiffon, tulle and lace, to his famous fashion knitwear, he is considered a brilliant Italian designer.
Alessandro Dell'Acqua debuted his first collection at the Milan Moda Donna in 1996 where he and his designed received rave reviews. From there he went on to win the Oscar Della Moda twice in Italy. Alessandro Dell'Acqua credits his famous inspirations including Anna Magnani, Sofia Loren and Monica Vitti for his designs of elegance and feminity. Alessandro Dell'Acqua a remarked, "These are the women I imagine when I design my collections….they are free, they are powerful and they are not ashamed of their desires, they want to be beautiful."
Alessandro Dell'Acqua many collections include strapless dresses, belted coats, lacy knitwear, bustiers, silk dresses and many designs that let a woman's skin show through his sexy designs. But his designs are not just for women. Alessandro Dell'Acqua has a menswear line that combines traditional and modern designs created for a man to be completely comfortable with himself and the clothes he wears.

Allesandro Dell'Acqua Perfume History

Creating Alessandro Dell'Acqua perfume and cologne was only natural for this designer, given his love of beauty and comfort. Alessandro Dell'Acqua perfume was introduced in 2001 with flowery fragrance notes that create an air of romance. Alessandro Dell'Acqua cologne was introduced in 2003 with an intense, oriental spicy scent that is equally romantic.
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