Albert Nipon became a household name in the fashion world in the early 1970's. Although his background was in manufacturing rather mundane maternity clothes, he introduced a line of ultra-feminine dresses that really got noticed. These Albert Nipon designs came at a time when sportswear and jeans seemed all the rage. Although they were setting trends, women were looking for a new look and they found it in Albert Nipon's carefully tailored wares. Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus and many other department stores quickly stocked Albert Nipon designs, selling them to date in many of the top stores worldwide. Albert Nipon has a number of celebrity customers who regularly wear and have touted his designs including Barbara Walters, Rosalynn Carter, Nancy Reagan and Mary Tyler Moore. Unfortunately in the late 1980's Nipon was convicted of tax evasion and bribery, spending 20 months in jail for his crimes. Shortly after that Leslie Fay Co. announced it would buy Albert Nipon, Inc.

Albert Nipon Perfume History

In 1983 Albert Nipon perfume was introduced. The very first bottle went to Nancy Reagan. This first perfume was created to be as pretty and appealing as Albert Nipon fashions and was advertised as a scent that was utterly feminine and fashionable yet enduring as well.
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