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Christian Lacroix was born on May 16, 1951 in Arles, France. Intent on becoming a museum curator, Christian graduated from the University of Montpellier with a degree in art history but eventually moved to Paris in 1973 to prepare a dissertation on 17th-Century costumes. While in Paris, he met his wife, Françoise, who would continually encourage Christian to pursue his own design work. This led to Christian working under Guy Paulin at Hermès Design House in 1978. Two years later, the designer found himself collaborating with the personal couturier to the Tokyo Imperial Court.
In 1981, Christian Lacroix started working with Jean-Jacques Picard at the design house of Jean Patou. The duo created extravagant designs that eventually would be recognized as the hallmark of the Eighties. In 1986 and 1988, Christian Lacroix was awarded the Golden Thimble and in 1987 he was honored as the Most Influential Foreign Designer by the Council of Fashion Designers of America.
It was also in 1987 that his eponymous design house launched with his first collection turning the industry on its head. His extravagant use of detail resulted in a storm of publicity that heralded his collection as the greatest fashion innovation since Dior’s New Look campaign. In 1988, Christian Lacroix introduced his first ready-to-wear line to the world, followed a year later by his line of fashion accessories. In 1990 his first fragrance, C'est la Vie!, was launched to resounding success.
Today, Christian Lacroix has stores in New York, London, Japan and Geneva.

Christian Lacroix Perfumes

Thanks to the tremendous success of the initial Christian Lacroix perfume, C'est la Vie!, many more enthralling scents have followed suit. Subsequent releases include Christian Lacroix, Eau Florale Lacroix, Bazar, Bazar Summer, Tumulte and C’Est La Fete.

Christian Lacroix Colognes

In 2002, the design house released the Christian Lacroix cologne, Bazar for Men. The fragrance was fresh, invigorating and an instant success. In 2005, a deeper, more woodsy Christian Lacroix cologne was introduced called Tumulte for Men.
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Christian Lacroix perfumes and colognes include:

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