Aramis fragrances by Estee Lauder are some of the design house's most popular scents created. Launched in 1964, the Aramis brand was the company's first line of cosmetic products designed specifically for men. This initial Aramis for men line included the original earthy Aramis fragrance featuring notes of sandalwood, spice, moss, leather and clover, as well as skin care products and shaving gels.

Aramis for Men and Aramis for Women History

Other Aramis fragrances followed including Aramis 900, Aramis Devin and JHL. These fragrances appealed to a mature and wealthy audience. In the mid-1980s, Aramis president Byron Donics tried to change the focus of Aramis for men fragrances by launching New West, a line of products meant to appeal to a younger, sexier audience like that enjoyed by Calvin Klein's Obsession and L'Oreal's Drakkar Noir.
New West was successful, but the brand never reached the status of the original Aramis legacy. Other Aramis fragrance lines were launched over the 1980s and 1990s including Tuscany and Havana. Aramis licensed several products for designer Tommy Hilfiger including the award winning Tommy. Through Tommy Hilfiger, the brand branched out to women's products as well. Aramis for women products under Tommy Hilfiger include Tommy Girl and Freedom.
Aramis continues to introduce new products to the market including Aramis Gold, Happy for Men, Aramis Cool and Mustang.

Aramis Fragrances from

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