Introduced in 2006 by the Gianni Versace design house, Versace Man cologne is a sophisticated, masculine scent. A fresh fragrance perfect for evening, Versace Man possesses a unique blend of notes including tarragon, white lemon, cedar, rosewood, carambola, musk, amber, sage and sycamore. If you are a guy who loves a crisp, classic, long lasting cologne, Versace Man makes an ideal choice.

About Versace Man Cologne

Design House: Gianni Versace
Fragrance Notes: Tarragon, white lemon, cedar leaves, rosewood, carambola, musk, amber, sage and sycamore
Year Introduced: 2006
Our Versace Man Cologne Selection
Versace Man cologne is available at in 1 oz. and 3.3 oz. sprays. We also offer a .17 oz. mini bottle, a mini vial, hair and body shampoo, deodorant stick and aftershave lotion.  
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