Born 1981 to Hilton Hotel moguls Rick and Kathy Hilton, Paris Hilton quickly became one of the country’s foremost fashion icons. From New York City to Hollywood to her namesake city, wherever Paris goes, she draws immediate attention. A model since the age of 19, it wasn’t long before Paris Hilton’s expertise in high couture had her branching out into a number of creative directions.
Paris’s reputation as New York’s "It Girl" opened up a number of doors for her, including starring in her own reality television show, The Simple Life, in which she co-starred with Nicole Ritchie (her best friend and daughter of singer Lionel Ritchie). From that point on, Paris Hilton became a household name, starring in a number of films and eventually recording her own pop record.
In 2004, Paris Hilton launched her own production firm, called Parlux Fragrances and soon after released her first fragrance, named aptly enough, Paris Hilton perfume. Her initial foray into the world of fragrances was so successful that she has since designed a number of captivating scents which continue to be some of the most in-demand fragrances in the world.  

Paris Hilton Perfume

After the success of her namesake perfume line, Paris Hilton released Just Me and Heiress. The most recent Paris Hilton perfume for women is the best-selling fragrance, Can Can.

Paris Hilton Cologne

Paris Hilton knows how important it is to a woman for her man to smell good. Therefore, Paris Hilton cologne is designed to make a man smell his absolute best. Masculine, but not overpowering, Paris Hilton colognes for men include Paris Hilton Man, Just Me for Men and Heir.
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Paris Hilton perfumes and Paris Hilton colognes include:

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