History of the Calvin Klein Brand

Calvin Klein, born in 1942 in the Bronx, New York, developed both an interest and a passion for fashion and drawing during his teenage years. Hours upon hours of sketching women in suits and dresses led Klein to the High School of Art and Design, and he later attended Manhattan’s own Fashion Institute of Technology. 
The “fresh and unpretentious” style of the urban youth walking the streets of New York inspired Klein to launch a clothing line of his own, and with the help of childhood friend and financial supporter Barry Schwartz, the Calvin Klein clothing company would soon emerge. Within weeks after a visit by merchandise manager Bonwit Teller, Teller purchased $50,000 worth of Calvin Klein’s showroom collection and later displayed in the windows of his chic department store. Shortly after the debut of his collection, Klein created an impressive line of designer sportswear.

Calvin Klein Designer Jeans

Klein introduced his trademark jeans in the early 1970’s, cut tightly and branded with his name on the back pocket. After being featured regularly in both Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar magazines and following a series of provocative television commercials featuring a young Brooke Shields, consumers were purchasing over 40,000 pairs per week. 

Calvin Klein Launches His First Fragrance Line

By 1982, Calvin Klein had conquered the underwear market, too, by adding his logo and unique style to his line of boxers and briefs. Designing masculine bikinis for women, Klein successfully blurred the boundaries between the sexes. Taking his fashion career to the next level, Calvin Klein entered the world of fragrances in the late 1980’s with his launch of Obsession and Eternity.
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